Factory Cat Mini HD Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

Factory Cat Mini HD Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

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The Factory Cat Mini HD Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber is a walk-behind floor scrubber that reaches a cleaning width of 29″ and can pick up to 21 gallons of water in its recovery tank. This walk behind scrubber comes equipped with a Traction drive and a powerful all-gear transaxle to give you an easy operation experience. The Factory Cat Mini HD Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber is the second-largest walk-behind in the fleet. The incredibly powerful all-gear trans-axle that is included with the traction drive. This provides exceptional operator maneuverability up ramps and uneven floors. If you find the too big and the too small, the Mini HD will certainly be the perfect fit in your environment. Available in cylindrical or disk, this machine is capable of providing a thorough clean with any environment. The disk scrub deck is ideal in areas where general clean-up is a concern.  Cylindrical scrub decks are perfect with environments that have minor debris that needs to be picked up on top of a deep clean. The Mini HD varies from a 25″ to a 29″ cleaning path. Also, it has up to a 3.5 hour run time. This machine is capable of picking up 23 gallons in the recovery tank and has many different options for squeegee size. Call today for a FREE DEMO! Similar Products: and Documentation FC Complete WalkBehind Brochure


ManufacturerFactory Cat
Tank materialPoly 3/8" thick
Chassis construction3/16" Steel
Rear wheels(2) 12" x 5"
Size (l x w x h)54" x 26" x 55"
Weight (w/o batteries)780 lbs
Weight (w/ 175ah batteries)1,222 lbs
Brush size24C: (2) 22" 27C: (2) 25" 30C: (2) 28" 34C; (2) 32"
Standard brush motor(2) 0.75 hp
Brush speed750 rpm
Brush down pressure0-250 lbs.
Actuator rating500 lbs.
System voltage36 volts
Standard battery rating245 AH
Optional battery rating325 AH
Battery run timeUp to 7 hours
Charger (110-v / 60 hz / 36-volt)36-v / 25 amp
Solution tank capacity35 gal.
Solution flow rate0-1.5 gpm
Solution filterStainless / Inline
Recovery tank capacity35 gal.
Vac. power1.0 hp
Vacuum (lift / airflow)68" / 70 cfm
Drain hose2.0" Diameter
Demisting chamber3 gal.
Power1.0 hp, sealed
Speed controlVariable 0-320 ft.
Cleaning width & rate/ hour24C: 26,400 sq. ft./hr. 27C: 29,700 sq. ft./hr. 30C: 33,000 sq. ft./hr. 34C: 37,400 sq. ft./hr.
Sound level68 dBA
Minimum aisle u-turn56"