Factory Cat TR Rider Floor Sweeper

Factory Cat TR Rider Floor Sweeper

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Elevate Your Facility's Cleanliness with Industrial Precision

Robust & Compact Design: The Factory Cat TR Rider Floor Sweeper, engineered for the rigorous demands of factories and warehouses, combines compactness with an all-steel construction, ready to tackle the toughest jobs.

Battery-Powered Efficiency: Powered by a reliable battery, this sweeper delivers uninterrupted cleaning power to last an entire shift, covering up to 350,000 sq. ft. without the need for a recharge.

Superior Maneuverability: Designed with superior maneuverability, it navigates through tight spaces, efficiently sweeping up everything from metal shavings and foundry sand to bolts and wood chips.

Advanced Debris Collection: Featuring an easy-to-access, slide-out stainless steel hopper, debris is effortlessly collected and disposed of, making your cleaning process seamless and effective.

Simple Operation: A user-friendly control panel and easy access to the hopper ensure a hassle-free cleaning experience, making it quick and easy to keep your premises spotless.

High-Capacity Cleaning: Capable of sweeping an entire bag of cement in just one pass, this machine is designed for high-capacity cleaning, ensuring a thorough clean with minimal passes.

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Transform your cleaning routine with the Factory Cat TR Rider Floor Sweeper – the ultimate solution for maintaining pristine industrial and warehouse environments.


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