Factory Cat XR Rider Floor Scrubber

Factory Cat XR Rider Floor Scrubber

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XR v2: Unleash Efficiency with Unparalleled Cleaning Power

Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the XR v2, a battery-powered ride-on floor scrubber designed to tackle extensive cleaning tasks with speed and precision.

Key Features:

  • Cleaning Path: Choose between 40-46 inches for swift and thorough coverage.
  • Run Time: Experience extended cleaning sessions with a runtime of up to 5.0 hours.
  • Tank Capacity: Sol: 65 Gal, Rec: 78 Gal – large solution and recovery tanks for uninterrupted operation.

Built for Speed, Engineered for Large Spaces:

The XR v2 is your go-to solution for swiftly cleaning expansive areas. With its broad scrub path and dual vacuum motors as standard features, this ride-on auto scrubber is tailor-made for efficiently cleaning large facilities.

Powerful Performance, Battery-Powered Convenience:

Harness the strength of the XR v2's dual vacuum motors, ensuring thorough cleaning and quick drying. The battery-powered design provides the convenience of mobility without compromising on power.

Efficiency Redefined:

Featuring large solution and recovery tanks, the XR v2 is built to handle the demands of extensive cleaning tasks. The wide scrub path maximizes coverage, making it the ideal choice for those seeking rapid and effective cleaning solutions.

Why Choose XR v2?

  • Rapid Cleaning: Swiftly clean large spaces with a broad scrub path.
  • Extended Operation: Enjoy up to 5.0 hours of continuous cleaning.
  • Dual Vacuum Motors: Ensure thorough cleaning and quick drying.
  • Large Tank Capacity: Ample space for solution and recovery for uninterrupted cleaning.

Upgrade to the XR v2 for unparalleled cleaning efficiency. Transform large-scale cleaning tasks into quick and effective operations, setting a new standard for cleanliness in your facilities.


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