T7 Autonomous Floor Scrubber

T7 Autonomous Floor Scrubber

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The newly released T7 autonomous floor scrubber (T7 AMR) is the next innovative direction for floor cleaning. The T7 AMR addresses challenges when it comes to the labor force, it drives efficiently, and maintains a high standard of cleaning. The T7 AMR reduces your cost to clean while enhancing your facilities image while maintaining health and safety. Tennant Company recently formed a relationship with (“Brain”), an artificial intelligence (A.I.) company specializing in technology for autonomous robots. The T7 Autonomous Floor Scrubber will seamlessly integrate Brain’s proprietary A.I. robotic technology software platform, BrainOS ® , to deliver a cleaning solution designed to maximize productivity, increase efficiency and optimize safety. Brain is an industry-leading robotics software company specializing in the development of intelligent, autonomous systems that automate commercial equipment.