Tennant 800 Industrial Rider Sweeper

Tennant 800 Industrial Rider Sweeper

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Maximize efficiency and durability in your industrial cleaning operations with the Tennant 800 Industrial Rider Sweeper. Engineered for robust performance, this high-capacity sweeper boasts a broad cleaning path and an expansive hopper, designed to significantly enhance your productivity by covering more area in less time. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, the Tennant 800 is exceptionally reliable, adept at handling everything from fine cement dust to bulky debris with ease.

Optimized for user comfort, the Tennant 800 offers straightforward access to all operational controls within a generously sized cab, ensuring a superior operator experience. The innovative multi-level dump hopper is a standout feature, capable of elevating debris disposal up to 6 feet, facilitating uninterrupted cleaning sessions and improving efficiency.

Elevate your cleaning capabilities with the Tennant 800 Industrial Rider Sweeper, the pinnacle of industrial sweeping solutions. Its wide cleaning path and substantial hopper capacity underscore its status as a powerhouse machine, unmatched in durability thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction. It effortlessly captures a wide range of materials, from the finest dust to substantial debris. The easy-to-navigate control panel and roomy cab area guarantee a comfortable and productive operator experience. The addition of a vacuum wand attachment allows for meticulous cleaning of confined spaces, while optional features such as air conditioning and a Body Bumper kit—designed to safeguard the machine and prevent scuff marks on walls—further enhance its utility and protection. Choose the Tennant 800 for an uncompromising approach to industrial cleaning tasks, backed by features that support continuous, effective cleaning operations.


Scrubbing (main scrub deck)40 in
With scrubbing side brush48 in
Sweeping (main sweeping system)36 in
With dual sweeping side brush67 in
Brush speed500 rpm
Brush diameter (2)9 in
Brush down force (up to)550 lb
Brush motor, brushless (2)1.5 hp
Motor ratingIP44
Solution tank75 gal
Solution capacity (es®)115 gal
Recovery tank91.1 gal
Demisting chamber16.1 gal
Vacuum fans- water recovery (dual)2x .8 hp
Speed14,500 rpm
Water lift65 in
Dual main sweeping brooms36.0 in
Dual side sweeping broomsStandard
Side sweeping broom diameter19 in
Debris capacity (light litter)3.0 cu.ft.
Dump height (variable to)60 in
Lift capacity300 lb
Filter canister54.9 sq.ft.
Vacuum fan1.1 hp
Length basic machine112.1 in
Body54 in
Body (with side scrub brush)55.3 in
Rear squeegee (hard width)49 in
Height (top of steering wheel)58.25 in
With overhead guard82.5 in
Empty (no battery)3,335 lb
With 510 ah batteries4,770 lb
With 930 ah batteries7,150 lb
Minimum aisle turn118.25 in