Tennant T7 Rider Scrubber

Tennant T7 Rider Scrubber

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The Tennant T7 is a ride-on scrubber that keeps operators focused on their cleaning environment with 360 degree view and simple controls. This machine cleans small and large facilities safely and productively and maximizes the scrubber use with its ability to fit into small congested areas. This machine is available in both cylindrical and disk, and has an estimated 25,740 square feet of cleaning ability an hour. Call today to schedule an appointment for a FREE DEMONSTRATION!


Cleaning path40"
W/ scrubbing side brush54"
W/ sweeping side brush56"
Brush speed150 rpm
Brush diameter- scrubbing16 in.
Brush diameter- sweeping21 in.
Solution tank56 gal
Demisting chamber16 gal
Recovery tank73 gal
Volume capacity3.9 cu.ft.
Weight capacity390 lb
Dump height60 in
Filter systemSynthetic fiber panel
Filter area78 sq.ft.
Shaker mechanismTimed, beater bar
Wet sweepingIntegrated
L/w/h95"/58"/58" (83.5" height w/ OHG)
Weight3,300 lb
Minimum aisle turn110 in