Factory Cat TR Rider Sweeper

Factory Cat TR Rider Sweeper

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Introducing our powerful TR Ride-On Floor Sweeper, boasting a Cleaning Path of 46 inches for efficient cleaning in large spaces. With a remarkable Run Time of up to 5 Hours, our sweeper ensures prolonged productivity, making it perfect for industrial environments.

Crafted with a robust Full Steel Design, the Factory Cat TR model inherits its excellence from the acclaimed Model 34 walk-behind sweeper. Equipped with side brooms to tackle corners and a tubular sweeping broom beneath the machine, it efficiently collects dirt and debris, depositing them into the steel hopper. Additionally, its second-stage vacuum system effectively traps dust in a polypropylene felt baghouse filter.

Factory Cat's Industrial floor sweepers are engineered to handle heavy-duty tasks effortlessly, capable of picking up substantial loads like whole bags of cement without leaving any trace of dust behind. Experience superior cleaning performance with our TR Ride-On Floor Sweeper today.


ManufacturerFactory Cat
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