Factory Cat GTR V2.1 Rider Scrubber

Factory Cat GTR V2.1 Rider Scrubber

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Discover Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency with the GTR v2 Ride-On Floor Scrubber

Elevate your cleaning game with the GTR v2 Ride-On Floor Scrubber, engineered for peak performance and innovative cleaning solutions, ensuring your spaces are immaculately maintained.

Key Features:

  • Cleaning Range: Options from 29-37 inches to ensure thorough coverage.
  • Operational Duration: Maximize productivity with up to 5.0 hours of continuous cleaning.
  • Tank Size: Solution: 46 Gal, Recovery: 49 Gal, for extended cleaning without frequent refills.

Compact Design, Robust Performance:

Stand out with the GTR v2's sleek design, offering agile movement even in tight spaces where larger machines can't go. Achieve efficient cleaning without sacrificing power or capacity.

Targeted Cleaning, Optimal Visibility:

With excellent visibility and optional side brooms, the GTR v2 ensures detailed cleaning across every corner. Its edge-to-edge cleaning capability means no spot is left behind.

Sustainable Durability:

Reinforced with sturdy side doors, the GTR v2 shields your scrub deck from impacts, extending the lifespan of your machine and ensuring reliability in rigorous cleaning environments.

Why Opt for GTR v2?

  • Agile Navigation: Effortlessly move in confined areas where larger units can't.
  • Prolonged Operation: Benefit from extended runtimes for consistent cleaning.
  • Detailed Cleanliness: Achieve comprehensive cleaning with optional accessories and complete floor coverage.
  • Enhanced Longevity: Robust construction with protective features ensures a durable investment.

Transform your cleaning operations with the GTR v2 Ride-On Floor Scrubber, where advanced design meets unmatched efficiency. Streamline your cleaning tasks and secure outstanding outcomes with ease.


ManufacturerFactory Cat
ModelGTR V2.1
Stock NumberFC-HIKC