Factory Cat MicroMini 20" Walk Behind Traction Drive Floor Scrubber

Factory Cat MicroMini 20" Walk Behind Traction Drive Floor Scrubber

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Optimize Your Cleaning with the MicroMini Walk Behind Floor Scrubber - Your Solution for Efficient Space Maintenance

Cleaning Path: 20 inches | Runtime: Up to 3.5 Hours | Tank Capacity: Solution: 10 Gallons, Recovery: 10 Gallons

Elevate your cleaning efficiency with the MicroMini, a versatile and battery-powered floor scrubber engineered to enhance your maintenance routine. This agile machine broadens its capabilities with additional deck options, providing a wider cleaning path and edge-to-edge cleaning performance on a robust steel chassis.

Designed to tackle various environments, the MicroMini is ideal for maneuvering through tight spaces, offering operators of any experience level the ability to operate the machine effortlessly. With simple controls and extended run times, this scrubber is not just user-friendly but also incredibly efficient, ensuring thorough cleaning sessions with less need for frequent tank refills.

Whether it's for commercial spaces, educational institutions, or healthcare facilities, the MicroMini Walk Behind Floor Scrubber stands out as a top-tier choice for those seeking a compact yet powerful cleaning solution. Experience the blend of durability, maneuverability, and ease of use with the MicroMini, your go-to equipment for maintaining clean and welcoming spaces.


ManufacturerFactory Cat
Stock Number164-20FD
Cleaning path20" Disk
Recovery Capacity10Gallons
Solution Capacity10Gallons
Squeegee Width34" STD - 26", 30" Available
Battery24V-(2)12V 130AH
DriveTraction Drive
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