Factory Cat Micro-HD v2.1 25" Cylindrical Traction Drive Floor Scrubber

Factory Cat Micro-HD v2.1 25" Cylindrical Traction Drive Floor Scrubber

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Enhance Your Cleaning Operations with the Micro-HD v2 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber - Compact Design, Powerful Performance

Cleaning Path: 25 inches | Runtime: Up to 2.5 Hours | Tank Capacity: Solution: 13 Gallons, Recovery: 15 Gallons

Discover the dynamic cleaning capabilities of the Micro-HD v2, a walk-behind floor scrubber that packs the punch of larger models into a compact, easily maneuverable design. This scrubber is your solution for deep cleaning a variety of floor types with unmatched efficiency and ease.

The Micro-HD v2 is engineered to tackle diverse cleaning challenges, from rubberized floors to grouted tile, exposed aggregate, and concrete. Its powerful vacuum system and robust scrub motors ensure that floors are not only cleaned but left dry and spotless, enhancing safety and cleanliness.

Despite its small stature, the Micro-HD v2 does not compromise on performance. It offers a generous cleaning path and substantial tank capacity, reducing the need for frequent water changes and allowing for extended cleaning sessions. Its intuitive design ensures that operators of all skill levels can achieve professional-level cleanliness with minimal effort.

Ideal for spaces requiring frequent, thorough cleaning, the Micro-HD v2 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber stands as a testament to the fact that great things come in small packages. Embrace the blend of agility, power, and convenience with the Micro-HD v2, and transform the way you maintain your floors.


ManufacturerFactory Cat
Stock Number155V2-25FC
Cleaning path25" Cylindrical
Recovery Capacity15 Gallons
Solution Capacity12 Gallons
Squeegee Width34" STD - 26", 30" Available
Battery24V-(2)12V 130AH
DriveTraction Drive
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