Factory Cat Mini-HD v2.0 28" Disk Used Walk Behind Scrubber


Factory Cat Mini-HD v2.0 28" Disk Used Walk Behind Scrubber

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Introducing the Mini-HD V2.0 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber: Your Premier Choice for Effective and Sustainable Cleaning.

Featuring a cleaning path between 25-29 inches and an extended battery life of up to 3.5 hours, this battery-operated floor scrubber combines high productivity with user convenience. It is equipped with a 21-gallon solution tank and a 23-gallon recovery tank, allowing for prolonged cleaning operations with fewer interruptions for refilling.

The Mini-HD v2.0 merges compact size with robust performance, crafted to deliver superior cleaning results. Its design enables easy maneuverability through narrow passages and confined areas, making it suitable for various settings. Enhance your cleaning practices with the revolutionary ZerO3 On-Demand Aqueous Ozone system, which offers a chemical-free cleaning option. This innovative technology not only boosts the scrubber’s cleaning efficiency but also leaves your areas impeccably clean, fresh, and devoid of harsh chemicals.

Opt for the Mini-HD v2.0 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for a green, efficient, and adaptable cleaning solution that ensures your premises remain pristine and aromatic. Step into the future of cleaning with this battery-driven gem, tailored to satisfy your cleaning demands while emphasizing environmental preservation and simplicity in operation.


ManufacturerFactory Cat
ModelMini-HD v2.0
Stock NumberUSC-WEDE
Cleaning path28" Disk
Recovery Capacity23 Gallons
Solution Capacity21 Gallons
Squeegee Width34" STD - 26", 30" Available
Battery24V-(2)12V 210AH
DriveTraction Drive
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